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Possible Gas Leak UPDATE!

We are so sorry for the last minute cancellation of MWF AM classes this morning! The WalMart on Kelly johnson Pkwy reported a possible gas leak and evacuated their store. I called SoCalGas at 1-800-427-2200, and they said they were sending out units to investigate. They advised that we leave the area until we get an "all clear" I was on the phone with SoCal Gas for 30 minutes, and they have now confirmed that there is NO GAS LEAK.

They say there is no danger. They accidentally spilled the "odorant" that they use to make natural gas have a distinct odor.

They say NO NATURAL GAS HAS LEAKED, and there are no toxins to worry about, just a strong odor. I have been told that the odor has been making some people in the area sick to their stomachs. I brought up this concern with SoCal Gas, and they said that some people are just naturally sensitive to strong odors, but that there is nothing chemically released from their odorant that could make a person sick.

PM classes will be open today, but we leave it up to your judgement whether you would like to bring your child. If there is still a strong odor, we will not have outdoor play and we will not have valet for pick up to minimize the children's exposure to the smell. Blessings, Cari Byers Noah's Park Preschool Director (661) 621-6010

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